• 1Express interest

    Contact UNECE via our website treesincities.unece.org and express your interest in joining the initiative. We will send you information about the “Trees in Cities Challenge” and discuss details of your participation.

  • 2Prepare the pledge

    Prepare your input and confirm the number of trees to be planted. The pledge is made by submitting a pledge letter to UNECE, which will then send you a confirmation letter. A pledge letter template is available here.

  • 3Consider the framework in place

    Define your tree-planting approach and make sure it is aligned with your current urban greening strategy, if applicable. Make sure this strategy is also aligned with the existing legal and institutional frameworks and identify the sources of funding to support tree planting. Due attention needs to be paid to pre-existing property rights.

  • 4Monitor progress

    Keep UNECE informed of your progress and share data for your city (population, number of trees, etc). The updates on the progress, and best practices, will be made available on our website.

  • 5Receive confirmation and spread the world

    Prepare your input and confirm the number of trees to be planted by engaging on social media using the hashtag #TreesInCitiesChallenge, by regularly sending us material for our communications around the Challenge and/or hosting or attending an event organized by UNECE or its partners.