Urban nature is vital for health and wellbeing, climate adaptation and mitigation, biodiversity, and resilience. Integrated long-term planning and management is critical to sustain and enhance these multiple benefits of urban nature, in particular of trees, over time. We must care for our existing green spaces and tree cover and ensure that new trees are correctly selected and successfully established in the right place, for the right reason and under the right circumstances.

This requires an integrated understanding of the socioecological networks of trees, green spaces, and aquatic habitats stretching from the urban core to peri-urban and rural areas.

The Informal Expert Network on Urban Nature provides a forum for knowledge exchange and capacity-building as well as peer to peer learning to strengthen sustainable management of urban nature. Join a diverse group of stakeholders to identify shared challenges and share best practice experiences that can shape much needed actions to integrate this nature-based solution into policy, planning and management at the local, national, and regional levels.

Whether you are a policy maker, practitioner, academic or passionate community leader, UNECE invites you to register your interest to join the Informal Expert Network on Urban Nature for the opportunity to grow your network and identify opportunities for peer exchange and collaboration, including through regular meetings and joint activities through the network.

Participating cities may also request capacity building and other forms of support, such as finding a twin city for bilateral exchange. Such support is subject to available resources and may be tailored based on specific needs.