How Helsingborg is bringing the forest into the city

The City of Helsingborg was the first town in Sweden to join the challenge Trees in Cities. As a part of the project Love Trees (Älska Träd), during the period 2020 more than 11,500 trees were planted in Helsingborg.

Urban trees

Let’s grow trees in our cities!

Policymakers looking for innovative solutions to global problems are increasingly recognizing that the answers have been around for a long time even before the earth got populated by humans. Trees

Moscow joins the Trees in Cities Challenge

Moscow joins the Trees in Cities Challenge, bringing planting pledges to around 11 million trees

With a pledge to plant almost 83,000 new trees, Moscow became the first city in Russia to officially commit to the Trees in Cities Challenge. 

The City of Helsingborg

The City of Helsingborg has planted just over 18,000 trees and 60 different species in two years

Helsingborg was one of six cities chosen to start the Trees in Cities Challenge in autumn 2019, and in the first two years has succeeded in planting more than 18,000 trees and some 60 species. In doing so, the city is contributing to a better climate in the long run. 

Urban trees and forests

Urban trees and forests in the spotlight as the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration commences

To further stimulate action at the local level in the Decade of Action, UNECE is extending the Trees in Cities Challenge until the end of 2022. This will allow cities that could not make a pledge due to the disruptions and financial strain caused by the pandemic to join the campaign.