How Helsingborg is bringing the forest into the city

The City of Helsingborg was the first town in Sweden to join the challenge Trees in Cities.

In Helsingborg we are trying new ways to establish trees in our urban areas to bring the forest into the city and the urban environment.

We are currently focusing on areas where it is typically more difficult to establish and plant trees, such as newly constructed building areas that have compacted soils. In these areas, it’s easier to plant smaller qualities of plants together and make a small urban forest, or pocket park out of them.

The City of Helsingborg

The City of Helsingborg has planted just over 18,000 trees and 60 different species in two years

Helsingborg was one of six cities chosen to start the Trees in Cities Challenge in autumn 2019, and in the first two years has succeeded in planting more than 18,000 trees and some 60 species.

“Our participation in the UN’s initiative has great symbolic value and is important on a global level, but it is even more important for us here locally. We are contributing in a real way to a better climate and a higher quality of life for the people of Helsingborg in so many respects. Here we are really thinking long term for future generations,” says Mayor of Helsingborg Peter Danielsson.